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Fee Schedule


Fee Schedule

Fee for Returning Insufficient/Unavailable Items
(See additional account description below)

Non-Local Business Return Items per Item   $4.00
Account Balancing Assistance (Per Hour-1Hr Min.)   $15.00
Account Research (Per Hours -1 Hr Min)   $15.00
Cashier's Check   $5.00
Change PIN for ATM   $2.00
Check Cashing/Non-customers   $5.00
Check Collections/Non-customers   $15.00

Continuous Overdraft Item Charge
(Daily fee after overdrawn four business days)

Counter Checks   $1.25
Early Close Fee (Per Account)   $15.00
Failure to Notify Address Change (Per Stmt Return)   $2.00
Fax Messages (Minimum)   $5.00
Garnishments   $40.00
Fee For Paying Insufficient/Unavailable Items
(*See additional account description below)
Levies   $40.00
Lost Key Lock Replacement   $50.00
Medallion Signature Stamp Guarantee    $50.00
Money Orders    $5.00
Money Orders Non-Customers ($2500.00 Limit)   $5.00
Night Depository/Extra Lock Bag (Each)   $15.00
Night Depository/Extra Zipper Bag (Each)   $5.00
Non-Bank Cirrus ATM Withdrawal (Per Transaction)   $1.00
Non-Bank Star ATM Withdrawal (Per Transaction)   $.50
Outgoing Wire Transfer/Customer   $15.00
Photocopies Customer (Per Copy)    $.50
Photocopies Non-Customer (Per Copy)    $1.00
Purchasing Securities    $25.00
Replace Lost Debit Card   $5.00
Replace Lost Coupon Book    $5.00
Research Copies (Per Item)   $.50
Research Copies (Per statement)   $3.00
Revolving Credit (Per Year)   $25.00
Safe Deposit Box Rental 3X5 (Annual Fee)   $20.00
Safe Deposit Box Rental 10X10 (Annual Fee)   $65.00
Safe Deposit Box Rental 3X10 (Annual Fee)   $35.00
Safe Deposit Box Rental 5X10 (Annual Fee)   $40.00
Safe Deposit Box Rental 5X5 (Annual Fee)   $30.00
Safekeeping Service (Per Year)   $15.00
Short Term Storage Rental Box 17X24 (Per Month)   $65.00
Special Statement Cutoff   $2.50
Stop Payments (Each)   $25.00
Letters of Credit (Per Face Amount)   2.00%
Dormant Account Fee   $5.00
Check Image Fee (Paper statement that contains images of the check.  Charged regardless of whether there are any actual canceled checks.   $2.00

*OD and Returned Item Fees apply to overdrafts and returned items created by check, in person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or electronic means.
Transactions may not be processed in the order in which they occur.  The order in which the transactions are received by the bank may affect the total amount of overdraft fees incurred on your account.  The bank offers customers the free service of preauthorizing the bank to transfer funds from a checking account, NOW account, Super Now, Insured Money Market account, or line of credit to clear their overdraft accounts.  This will be done by contacting our Bookkeeping Department.


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